About House of Gamut

HOUSE OF GAMUT is a 501(c))3 non-profit.

Co-founded in 2023 by R.B Wood and Richard Thomas to showcase and celebrate readers, writers, and artists who love dark speculative fiction. We have three guiding principles:

The Gamut Story

Gamut began in 2017 as an online magazine of horror fiction, dark poetry, and the occasional non-fiction article. The first iteration of the magazine folded at the end of the first year when the company did not reach its initial subscription goals. The founder of Gamut, Richard Thomas, always wanted to find a way to bring back the magazine in a stronger and more diversified way. In 2023, he partnered with R.B. Wood to bring back Gamut Magazine and expand its charter to encompass all dark speculative fiction. Expanding away from only the magazine, House of Gamut now has an imprint and an online eLearning Center called Gamut Academy.

Our goal as a non-profit is to be able to, through the support of individual and organizational fans of dark speculative fiction, not only pay professional rates for art and staff but also help fund the education of disadvantaged students through our author program. Providing for artists is how Richard and R.B. plan to give back to the community.

Dark Speculative Fiction  Noun A grand and sweeping genre of tales that dance on the fringes of reality, dark speculative works explore the depths of human experience and emotion—both the unnerving and the extraordinary.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At House of Gamut, we believe that diverse voices need to be elevated and heard. We are committed to using our platform to amplify those voices that have been marginalized in the past. Internally, we are looking to build an equitable, inclusive, and safe space work environment for all employees, contractors, and partners.

We are guided by three core pillars that shape our DEI efforts across our non-profit: