Gamut Magazine
Issue #5

Redefining the Borders: My Experience of Queerness in Horror Fiction

By: Poppy Z. Brite

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Poppy Z. Brite is the longtime pen name of Billy Martin. Since beginning his career in the small-press magazine The Horror Show in 1985, he has published eight novels including Lost SoulsExquisite Corpse, and the Liquor series, as well as several short story collections and assorted nonfiction work. Brite is also the editor of the erotic horror anthologies Love in Vein and Love in Vein 2. He has recently completed Water if God Wills It, a nonfiction book about religion and spirituality in the works of Stephen King. In addition to writing, he runs the online curio shop PZBaubles New Orleans, specializing in vintage Tarot cards, quirky jewelry, religious objects, and more. He lives in New Orleans with his husband, the artist Grey Cross, and their cats.